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Photo Services

UCSB Photo Services provides professional level photography for the UCSB Campus and affiliated organizations. We offer a variety of services from portraits and professional headshots to architecture, scientific, and event photography. We also offer museum level 2D/3D art-reproduction and copy photography. In addition to photography, Photo Services operates an Image Library that features over 10,000 downloadable images of campus, nature and local scenes, and also offers large format printing of research posters and other imagery.

Contact us to make an appointment or get a quote. We can meet you in our studio in Kerr Hall or at a location of your choice.

Our Photos




We do portraits and headshots for individuals and groups. We can do them in our studio, in an outdoor space, or in specific locations on campus.


Portrait example
Middle East Ensemble




We cover indoor and outdoor photography needs for most types of UCSB events both on and off campus. This includes but is not limited to: athletics, ceremonies, informal gatherings, and performances.





We do museum level reproduction and documentation of most 2D and 3D artworks, including paintings, drawings, sculpture and architectural renderings.


Greek Oil Bottle
MRS Bulletin


Technical/Scientific Photography


We take technical and scientific photos including micro and macro photography and laboratory specific photography. We can come to your lab and/or do photos in our studio.





We produce high quality large format poster printing for display and presentation and conference purposes. Our printer is located in our studio.


Group of student looking at large prints.
Koegel Autism Center


Stock Image Library 


Our Stock Image Library features over 10,000 downloadable images of campus, athletics, Isla Vista, nature, aerial views, and other local scenes.



H: Mon - Fri; 8:00-12:00 & 1:00-5:00

Tony Mastres
Pr Producer, Director
1120 Kerr Hall

Jeffrey Liang
1201 Kerr Hall