Using Our Services

A guide to Instructional Development Procedures

Instructional Development offers many services and products for the UC Santa Barbara faculty, staff, and student community. Although many services are provided free for instructional support up to budgetary limits, all of the services are also available on a cost-recovery, recharge basis.


  • When Instructional Development equipment such as computers, recorders, projectors, etc., are needed for administrative, student or general institutional activities, the equipment can be rented, as available, on an hourly, daily or weekly basis at current recharge rates.
  • Instructional Development will maintain a website with its current rate schedule.
  • Services are available to clients from off-campus, but we must charge an additional percentage for overhead.
  • If an operator is needed, the department involved shall pay for the operator labor cost at the current recharge labor rate.
  • All RUSH orders for Production Services and Classroom Services are subject to an additional charge.
  • An appropriate budget number must be supplied to Instructional Development in advance of service.
  • Use of Instructional Development equipment may be authorized for use on and off campus by registered student groups with the approval, in writing, Office of Student Life or the Dean of Students and an Associated Students adviser.
  • An officer of the student group must assume full fiscal responsibility for the equipment.
  • Failure to pay for lost or damaged equipment in 60 days or less may result in the
    • The student organization may lose its registered status, and/or
    • The responsible party may be denied re-registration, graduation, and/or receipt of grades.
  • When instructional users, as listed in the Schedule of Classes, cancel services, the cancellation will be reviewed by the Executive Director of Instructional Development to determine payment of rental costs.
  • When non-instructional users cancel services, the requestor will be liable for all charges for equipment, supplies, and labor involved in preparation, rehearsal, performance, and clean-up when a production or presentation is canceled. Charges for materials, including media, and charges for personnel will be made at current recharge rates.
  • Equipment which has been rented out will be the responsibility of the renter from the time it is checked out to the time it is checked in at the issuing office.
  • Equipment delivered to a location on campus will be the responsibility of the borrower until picked up by an Instructional Development Operator at a time specified in advance.
  • When loss or theft or damage occurs, the borrower shall be liable to provide funds which will be used to repair the damaged component or purchase a new piece of equipment.