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During the day, Isla Vista Theaters are used as classrooms and host about 60 classes a week. In the evening, the theaters transform into event venues. Isla Vista (IV) Theater has two theaters, located at 960 Embarcadero Del Norte just west of the main UCSB campus in Isla Vista. IV Theater 1 has 527 seats; IV Theater 2 has 146 seats. The theaters are supported by a professionally trained team of Instructional Development staff and student technicians who provide audio-visual and technical support for classes and events. If you teach in IV Theaters or wish to hold an event here, please contact us to get training and ensure we have the equipment you need. 

Isla Vista Theater hosts a variety of events, including conferences, variety shows, smaller dance shows, movie screenings, and acapella concerts. For all events, Isla Vista Theater staff will provide technical staff and technical pre-production assistance. Our goal is to provide reliable, courteous, and on time service. For all events and classes our staff is available to:

  • operate audio/visual equipment following event hosts cues

  • facilitate demonstrations of equipment

  • provide event management and technical pre-production assistance

IV Theater

Would You Like to Show a Movie?

The Fair Use doctrine requires that a viewing license be issued for all full film screenings on campus, regardless of viewing platform. The doctrine applies to classes and events on campus. To browse videos that are already licensed by UCSB, you can search the following websites:

To obtain a viewing license for academic purposes, please consult the guidelines for acquiring a title.

You may also search for the film and request licensing for academic purposes at the following motion picture websites:

SWANK    Criterion

Employment Opportunities

Isla Vista Theater and Embarcadero Hall employ approximately 10-14 student staff to support classes and events. Typically hiring is done at the end of each academic year and/or each quarter. We are always accepting applications! Experience in A/V, Theater, or Customer Service is encouraged, but not necessary. If you would like to work for IV Theaters and Embarcadero Hall, please submit an application to


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IV Theaters

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IV Theaters