Campbell Hall

Lecture and Recital Hall

Hall Specifications

Campbell Hall hosts professional performances on a regular basis. Please refer to the specifications listed below for details about our stage, curtains, floor plan, dressing rooms, and seating arrangements.


42 feet at proscenium

All teasers and borders trimmed at approximately 17 feet (dead hung). There is no fly loft.

  • For optimal acoustics, the ceiling slopes; height at cyclorama is 18 feet, height at 1 Electric is approx 24’.

  • Rigging via 11 Unistrut tracks set on 4 foot centers. Tracks run up and downstage.

  • Hooks and pulleys are available for rigging light scenery. Load per point not to exceed 20 lbs.

  • 3 electric pipes trimmed at approximately 18 feet (dead hung).

Full Stage:

26 feet at center

24 feet at the shallowest point of the apron’s curve

The stage flooring is maple over joists and cushioned sleepers, and offers excellent resilience. (Screws or nails may not be used in the floor.) A layer of masonite is taped-down to this surface to protect it from the weight of our JLG driving lift (MEWP). Masonite can be removed for dance requiring leaps and extensive floor work.

Rosco Dance Floor for entire stage is available as part of the Arts and Lectures equipment suite. Use of rosin on this floor is not permitted.

Curtains and Screens

Permanent movie screen (42 feet by 14.75 feet visible). The screen cannot be removed. Top and bottom masking is fixed. Movable side-masking provided by full-stage traveler approx 8 inches downstage of the cyclorama.

All curtains are black 100% fullness velour and can act as legs or full stage travelers. Measurements taken from the apron at center stage:

  • Dark Blue Grand Drape: 2 feet upstage

  • 1st Leg: 9 feet

  • 2nd Leg: 13 feet

  • 3rd Leg: 17 feet

  • 4th Leg: 22 feet

  • 5th Leg (upstage blackout): 25 feet

*Please Note: All soft goods are permanently hung and cannot be struck.

Dark Blue Grand Drape is electric powered (not hand operable). Pull time is 22 seconds.

We have a 3 phase 5 wire Camlok panel rated at 200 amps per leg that is 55 feet from DSC and approximately 32 feet from a normal stage left wing position. 

50-amp shore power is available at the loading dock provided the vehicle is pre-approved for that location. Limited to buses without trailers.

Arts and Lectures Equipment Suite

This equipment is the property of UCSB Arts & Lectures and cannot be used without the expressed authorization of their staff.

  • Four (4) sections of Wenger Acoustic Shell.

  • One (1) Steinway 9’ Concert Grand Piano.

  • One (1) iron, ironing board and steamer.

  • Twelve (12) Wenger orchestra chairs.

  • Twelve (12) Manhasset music stands.

Campbell Hall Floor Plans

For your convenience, you can download and view scaled model drawings of the layouts of Campbell Hall.