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Event Services Office

The Events Services Office is well-poised to help you plan and host a successful event on campus. Our team has expertise in lighting, audio engineering, projection, and event support across campus. Our professional technical staff is supported by well-trained student technicians and a variety of colleagues across campus. We collaborate with multiple departments on campus to ensure a smooth event day.

General Services and Fees

While there is no rental fee for most facilities on campus, there is a cost for labor and equipment. All charges are billed to University BARC or Recharge numbers. All charges are billed at an hourly or daily rate and are based on actual labor and equipment used on the event day.

The following is a list of commonly requested event estimates. For a more detailed estimate, please complete the Event Request Form after receiving your room reservation confirmation.

Estimated costs for a:

  • 1-hour department or club meeting/event in a general assignment classroom - $56 - $95
  • Staff supported 2-hour lecture (Audio Only) - $250 - $400
  • Staff supported 2-hour lecture (Audio w/Projector and Screen) - $300 - $525
  • 2-hour outdoor movie screening - $400 - $650

See our Rates for Equipment and Labor


Event Services Office
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