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welcome to instructional development

Instructional Development is a service organization supporting the instructional mission of the campus. Its activities directly address the major goal in the campus' formal Academic Planning Statement, "Ensure Excellence in Both Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction". The mission of Instructional Development is to foster a climate for excellence in instruction, which parallels the climate for excellence in research, within the context of a world class institution of higher education. The mission is addressed by following a model which has evolved over the past two decades. The organizational structure and functioning of Instructional Development reflects the model. The organization has a substantial impact on the quality of instruction offered at UCSB. It is able to address comprehensively and effectively the needs of a faculty which teaches a tremendous range of subject matter, using a wide range of teaching philosophies, methods, styles, and technologies. The key elements required to address effectively this diversity of faculty needs include: instructional consulting and evaluation; technical media production support; and technical media display support. All are provided by Instructional Development.

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Need replacement lecture ideas?

The recent natural disasters and road closures have made it difficult for many faculty to lead traditional, in-class lectures.  If you need an alternative, consider utilizing GauchoSpace and Zoom to put yourself and your lecture materials in front of your students.  We provide step-by-step instructions and videos for making the most of these innovative teaching technologies.

New Faculty Welcome and Introduction to Instructional Development.  Join us for a meeting and tour of the department, including resources and services, instructional improvement grants, and tips for new instructors.  January 25 from 10am - 12pm.  RSVP to breana.barak@id.ucsb.edu

TA Development Program: Pedagogy Workshops for UCSB Graduate Students interested in honing their teaching skills and attending to the nuances of TAing sections.  Includes tips and tricks for better instruction, discovering your teacher identity, CCUT preparation assistance, and workshops for international TAs.  RSVP here

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