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The Summer Teaching Institute for Associates (STIA) provides graduate student Teaching Associates with a flexible pre-summer teaching orientation that helps prepare them for teaching as the Instructor of Record in Summer and/or Fall sessions. STIA assists Associates with the planning, conducting, and assessment of Summer and Fall undergraduate courses at UCSB. STIA Facilitators work with you to help you plan your courses, moderate online peer feedback, and offer face-to-face workshops. The facilitators are experienced peer instructional consultants and are graduates of the STIA program. STIA participants must be appointed as a Teaching Associate by an academic department. Only Summer and Fall Associates are eligible for STIA. Hiring paperwork need not be completed to register for STIA.

Requirements of the STIA Certificate (3 Modules)

Completion of all three modules is required to earn a STIA certificate. STIA is a recognized course for Requirement #2 of the Certificate in College and University Teaching (CCUT).

Associates not seeking a STIA Certificate are welcome to participate selectively in the online activities and face-to-face sessions. 

May-June for Summer A courses / June-July for Summer B or Fall courses

This module runs entirely online and focuses on syllabus development, planning lectures, and drafting assessments. Participants work though one assignment per week using online resources and workshops to develop drafts of needed course materials. Participants also give and receive feedback about each draft from their STIA peers and facilitators. 

Weekly assignments: Writing learning outcomes, syllabus draft, lesson plan draft, assessment draft.


Select a mixture of five workshop topics, tech training, and reflective writing assignments that match your needs and schedule to complete this module. 

Topics include: designing exams, assignments and quizzes (online and paper-based); instructional video; presentation skills; active learning; integrating multimedia; iClicker; GauchoSpace; maintaining on-going evaluation and feedback loops; designing collaborative projects and groupwork; teaching philosophy statements; annotated syllabi; etc.

Associates meet with a departmental faculty mentor three times during the quarter to discuss successes, concerns, and issues. The day and time of sessions with be decided by the members of each mentoring circle. Please note: Instructional Development is not responsible for finding and matching associates with mentors. If you are unsure who is your assigned mentor this summer, please contact the Graduate Adviser in your department.

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