Video Consultation

The Classroom Video and Consultation Service is a non-evaluative, confidential opportunity to discuss your actual classroom teaching practices with a peer instructional consultant. TAs and instructors report many changes in their classrooms and in themselves after the video consultations, including: increased confidence, greater sensitivity to students' instructional needs, use of effective questioning techniques, and better utilization of class time. The service is free of charge for faculty, teaching assistants, and teaching associates and is required for CCUT candidates.

The service includes a 50 minute video recording of your on-campus class (or upload Zoom recording of an online class) and a 1 hour video review session with a consultant, during which you will:

  • reflect on teaching methods you use effectively;
  • discuss aspects of your teaching that you want to improve; 
  • explore alternative teaching strategies.

1. Schedule a Video Recording

2. Discuss Your Video With a Consultant

Teaching Assistants and Associates: After your video is uploaded (either by you as a Zoom recording, or by the video services personnel who recorded your in-person class) you can make an appointment with a video consultant (you may need to click through future weeks to see what’s available). At the appointment you’ll review your recording with a graduate student TA Pedagogical Advisor who has been trained to provide valuable feedback on teaching. TA Consultations are held in 1128 Kerr Hall or via Zoom. Questions? Email the TA Development Program at

Faculty will consult with Instructional Consultants, Drs. Lisa Berry or Mindy Colin. Email the Office of Instructional Consultation at to make an appointment.

Before and After the Consultation

Reflect on your teaching skills, preparation, and expectation for student participation.

  • Note down your ideal teaching persona for yourself.
  • What do you enjoy about teaching? 
  • What challenges do you face as a teacher?
  • What are your future teaching opportunities?

Think about the class context. 

  • Was the class you recorded a typical example of how your classes are organized and run? 
  • What else was happening in the course that week (exams, major assignments, cancelled lectures, etc.)?
  • Imagine yourself as a student in the class: what does your teaching look like from a students’ perspective?

After the consultation you will receive a letter outlining the topics discussed together. Keep that letter for your records (especially if you are doing the CCUT emphasis).

  • What were the highlights of the consultation?
  • What actions can you take right away in your course?
  • What do you want to implement in your next course?

Comments about the Service...

"It gave me a new perspective on my teaching - let me view myself as the students might."

"I learned a great deal; how to look and act when lecturing, how attentive I am to student needs, and how to make my explanations clearer."

"The videotape consultation gave me the chance to view my teaching, which helped me to reinforce what I was doing well and illuminated some problems of which I was not aware. I was offered useful advice."

"The consultations were less stressful than anticipated. The consultants offered much food for thought." 

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