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The ESCI office works closely with academic department staff each quarter to ensure courses will be properly evaluated and to provide reports for particular departmental purposes (e.g. Program Review, secondary analysis of a subset of courses). Departmental business officers designate an ESCI contact who will be responsible for all communication and tasks related to ESCI in their department. This includes quarterly tasks such as updating the STAR/GauchoBlue system, filling out the Survey Request Form (SRF) and distributing reports to the faculty (NOTE: If you are off campus, the SRF is a secure website that requires connecting via the Pulse Secure Campus VPN). More accounts can be assigned to other staff members whose job function requires access to the department ESCI Report Website.

Survey Request Form    Instructions for the Survey Request Form    5-year Instructor/TA Summary Report

Important Dates and Tasks for Department ESCI Contacts

The table below summarizes the key tasks for departmental staff according to the quarterly timeline for the ESCI cycle. Please be aware that Summer quarter has tighter deadlines to accommodate the variety of shortened teaching terms. Those dates are communicated to the ESCI Contacts via email.

Week of the Quarter

ESCI Tasks and Process

Weeks 1-3 - Update STAR/GauchoBlue The ESCI Survey Request Form (SRF) derives information from the STAR/GauchoBlue System. To save time and reduce errors when requesting ESCI surveys, please ensure that all TAs in your department are properly entered into STAR by the end of Week 3.

Weeks 5-6 - Complete the Survey Request Form (SRF)

NOTE: If you are off campus, the SRF is a secure website that requires connecting via the Pulse Secure Campus VPN. The directions for using the SRF provide you with step-by-step instructions, including annotated screenshots. Contact the ESCI office for questions or training. The Survey Request Form closes on Friday of Week 6.

Week 7 - Verify Requested Surveys

Departments receive a list of requested surveys to verify and instructors receive an email notification with a list of their courses that are being evaluated. Any errors must be reported to the ESCI office for immediate resolution. The deadline is Friday of Week 7.

Week 8 - ESCI Preview Opens for Instructor/TAs (Thurs-Fri of Week 8)

Instructors & TAs receive an announcement that ESCI will open for one or more of their courses. Any errors must be reported to the ESCI office by Thursday at 5pm.

Weeks 9 & 10 - ESCI is Open for Student Submissions

  • ESCI opens Monday of Week 9 and closes Friday of Week 10.
  • Students receive an announcement that one or more of their UCSB courses are collecting student feedback using the online course evaluation system. Reminder emails are sent out to students periodically for surveys that are outstanding.

  • Instructors receive a final email summarizing the student response rates for each of their courses (not actual responses).

ESCI results available by Week 1 of following quarter

ESCI reports are available to departments for downloading after the final grade deadline has passed.


Accessing and Distributing ESCI Results to Instructors

Distribution of ESCI reports is the responsibility of the department. To maintain confidentiality of sensitive ESCI information only a department’s designated ESCI Contacts can distribute ESCI results to instructors. ESCI reports become available to ESCI Contacts in their own Google Drive ‘Shared with Me’ set of folders sometime between the day after each quarter’s final grades deadline through Week 1 of the following quarter (depending on processing times). The ESCI shared Google folder will contain PDF files of all of the ESCI reports for all of a department’s faculty, teaching associates, and teaching assistants. Only a department’s ESCI Contacts distribute these reports electronically and individually to each faculty and TA. To assure confidentiality, please adhere to the ESCI Confidentiality Protocol outlined below.


google drive

ESCI Confidentiality Protocol

  • ESCI files should only be saved to a secure office computer, and never to a personal laptop, a mobile device or a computer with multiple users.

  • All email addresses of instructors and TAs should be confirmed before confidential ESCI reports are emailed.

  • Because ESCI results are confidential, all University policies regarding confidential personal electronic records should be observed. See: Interim Electronic Communications Implementing Guidelines 5612 and UCOP Presidential Policies

What campus agencies may request ESCI scores? 

Apart from the departmental ESCI contacts, only an official departmental representative acting on behalf of an instructor or TA may request ESCI reports for instructors within their department (e.g. for a personnel case). ESCI reports, and the underlying data, are sensitive confidential records that are the property of the instructor or TA, who make them available as part of their personnel cases. Department Chairs may also request aggregated ESCI reports for their departments, but all personally identifying information is removed. Instructors and TAs may request summary reports or secondary analysis for their own scores at any time.

Updating Departmental ESCI Questionnaires

All ESCI questionnaires can be customized for departments, individual faculty or TAs. Departments can select existing questions or write new questions for departmental questionnaires. Instructional Consultants are available to help your department construct and edit the questionnaire according to best practices in course evaluation and survey techniques. To update a departmental questionnaire, contact us to discuss your departmental context and timeline. Also review the Questionnaire Development process and sample questions for Instructors and TAs. Please note that new questionnaires must be finalized by Week 6 of the current term to be implemented during Weeks 9 and 10 of that term.



ESCI Records Retention Policy

Departments should follow the record retention policy in section IX - 18 of the Red Binder and UC Systemwide policy regarding teaching evaluations, which states: Teaching evaluations (ESCI scalar and text responses) are to be maintained for the longer of the two options below:

  1. until used in a review file, or

  2. as long as a need is present.

The ESCI Office retains all ESCI data in our database. This includes all scalar data, but only written responses as from the quarter that the department began using ESCI Online. Written responses were kept by departments prior to that; see section IX - 18 of the Red Binder for details.

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