Isla Vista Theaters


The first priority for IV Theaters and its staff is to support instruction at UCSB. Groups associated with UCSB can book IV Theaters when classes are not in session, usually during the weekends and events. 

Organizations not associated with UCSB who wish to book IV Theater must partner with, or be sponsored by an on campus organization. Please contact the Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) at: (805) 893-4569 or by email for more information.

Please note: There will be a labor charge to support events and meetings outside of regularly scheduled classes. For an estimate of expenses, please complete an Event Inquiry Form.

All booking requests must be submitted a minimum of 7 working days in advance to both IV Theater staff, SEAL and/or the Office of the Registrar. Room confirmation is not confirmation of media support or equipment availability, and vice versa.


IV Theater

Reserving the Room for Academic Purposes

  1. Please fill out a Room Request, be sure to select one of the appropriate options for academic purposes so it goes to the Office of the Registrar.

  2. Once your request has been confirmed, contact Kate Williams to discuss media needs.

Student Groups & Non-Academic Campus Organizations

  • Fill out a Room Request form

    • Log in with your UCSB NetID using the above link
    • Click the Events Tab 
    • Select Event Request
    • Select the Appropriate option from drop-down
    • Complete and submit the form
  1. Submit an Event Inquiry Form to Kate Williams for an estimate.

  2. Contact the SEAL events team to verify that all necessary paperwork has been submitted.

  3. Complete necessary SEAL requirements by filling out a 360 Form via Shoreline and attend a Minor Events Committee Meeting to inform the UCSB campus and support services about your event. During the school year, the committee meets every Wednesday from Noon-1pm.


Recharge Policies

Isla Vista Theater is a fully staffed building. If the venue is open, a representative of the theater must be in the building to assist with operating any equipment. Non-instructional uses of the space will incur a charge for this service.


Instructional Use

Instructional Development staff will provide service to campus academic departments during the regular academic year in order to support any courses which take place at the time and location listed in the current Schedule of Classes. For support outside of scheduled class hours please contact Kate Williams for an estimate of cost.



Campus Affiliated Events

Renting organizations may need to provide ushers to organize the event and for patrons safety. You can contact Associated Students Event Staff to request help from them. All renters must adhere to posted room capacities; failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your event.

IV Theaters are cleaned Sunday through Thursday with additional sweeps Monday through Friday to pick up newspapers, trash, etc. However, there may be trash left behind prior to an event. All renters are encouraged to provide volunteers to clean-up before and after their event. All renters must clean up and take out all trash in the theater at the end of their event. Renters will be charged for damage and/or excessive clean-up as a result of their event.

All security concerns are the purview of the UC Police Department. All events at IV Theaters should be vetted through the Minor Events Committee at which point the Police have the opportunity to evaluate security needs. Due to our location in Isla Vista, we require Campus Security Officer presence on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening events.

All cancellations must be submitted to Kate Williams in writing, no less than 48 hours prior to your event.  

For any uncancelled/no-show events, the responsible organization will be billed a cancellation fee.