Buchanan Hall


Buchanan Hall has full-time Instructional Development staff and student technicians that provide professional tech support and training for instructors and events in all four lecture halls in the building. Each lecture hall is equipped with a sound system, lectern computer podiums with HDMI connections, chalk boards, and laser projectors that display connected devices on a central screen. Importantly, access to the lectern and equipment in Buchanan Hall is activated and controlled by our staff. Faculty and clients unfamiliar with the equipment in Buchanan Hall are urged to consult with us before their class/event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Exterior view of Buchanan Hall

Our staff trains instructors on the available technologies, helps to obtain additional equipment when needed, and regularly maintains all hardware and software to ensure that the equipment remains fully operational. Student Operators are on call and available to run all of the equipment for faculty, provided the service and equipment is ordered in advance. We can also provide faculty with "hands on" video/audio equipment in the lecture halls for those who wish to run the equipment themselves.

Seats 306 

Comtek Channel 1

Buchanan Hall 1910 from back corner entrance


Seats 147 

Comtek Channel 2

Buchanan 1920 lecture hall

Seats 100 

Comtek Channel 3

Buchanan 1930 lecture hall

Seats 149 

Comtek Channel 4

Buchanan 1940 lecture hall


Alvaro Olivo
Buchanan Hall Manager