Event Services Office

Our office provides audio/visual equipment, technical consultation, and technical personnel for UCSB events. We provide high quality support to all campus entities, departments, and student events in collaboration with other campus services, such as Facilities and Information Technology.

We are well-poised to help you plan and host a successful event on campus. The Events Office team has expertise in lighting, audio engineering, presentation, projection, and general technical support across campus. Our professional technical staff is supported by well-trained student technicians and a variety of colleagues across campus. We collaborate with multiple departments on campus to ensure a smooth event day. When requested, we work with Instructional Development’s Video and Photo Services to capture or stream your event’s special moments.


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To discuss your event needs, fill out the form below, and one of our Event Managers will contact you.



Services and Fees

While there is no rental fee for most facilities on campus, there is a cost for labor and equipment. All charges are billed to BARC or Recharge numbers. Officers of student organizations are fiscally responsible for their organization and will be charged for their event. All charges are billed at an hourly rate and are based on actual labor and equipment usage on the event day. All equipment must be picked up and returned to 1160 Kerr Hall during normal business hours.

To receive a quote for labor and equipment for your event, please fill out the form above. Feel free to contact us for consultation and questions.

Estimated cost for a:

  • supported 2 hour lecture (Audio Only) - $300

  • supported 2 hour lecture (Audio with a Projector and Screen) - $400

  • 2 hour outdoor movie screening - $475

  • 1 hour club meeting in a classroom (Projector Only) - $27.50

  • 1 hour club meeting in a classroom (Projector and Audio) - $36.50

See our Rates for Equipment and Labor

There is a cost associated with labor and equipment needed to support any instructional meeting outside of the UCSB Schedule of Classes with Event Services staff. This includes review sessions, make-up classes, and guest lectures that need our support or equipment outside of regularly scheduled classes. If you will be using one of the staffed lecture halls, please refer to their pages for specific levels of support, hours, and policies. 

Equipment is billed at an hourly or daily rate based on actual equipment usage. Labor is billed at an hourly rate, costs will vary depending on the level of support needed. Note: Estimates may include additional contingency based expenses. The final invoice will reflect actual equipment and labor required during an event. 

  • Late night change-overs are permitted at the discretion of the Event Services Office.

  • All event hours worked between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM will be charged doubletime.

  • The Event Services Office observes campus holidays recognized by the Office of the Registrar.

  • Events may be scheduled during observed holidays at the discretion of the Events Office. 

  • All labor expenses for events during UCSB Holidays will be billed at time and a half.

Breaks and Meals

Our Event Staff work hard to ensure that your event runs smoothly. This may mean working before, after, and through designated event breaks. We ask that you respect the following policies:

Event staff need a break every two hours, as follows:

2 hours: 15 minute break

4 hours: 1 hour meal break

6 hours: 15 minute break

8 hours: 1 hour meal break 

  • If the event schedule requires our staff to remain in the venue during the break we may have to bring in additional staff to cover the break periods, for which you will be charged. 

  • If the event is not within a short walk to food for purchase, we request that a meal be provided by the campus client. 

  • If the event schedule requires our staff to remain in the venue during breaks or lunch (resetting equipment, loading or testing presentations) we request that a meal be provided by the clients. 

  • If the event includes a food service for attendees, we request that you include our event staff in your food order. 

  • If the venue is not locked during the breaks, someone from our staff, or your staff as the client, will have to remain in the venue to keep an eye on our equipment. If our staff has to remain in the venue we request that the meal be provided.

We support UCSB events that are held off campus and reserve the right to charge additional fees where applicable, including but not limited to the following:

  • Events outside of the central UCSB campus will have travel time added to the invoice for our staff to and from the venue and Kerr Hall, including any pickup, loading, and unloading times.

  • Delivery of equipment and staff to off campus events may also involve a vehicle rental which will be recharged to the Department ordering technical support.

Unstaffed Equipment Rental and Policies

On rare occasions, we may rent equipment, such as microphones, portable PA systems, and other audio-visual equipment to campus entities and student groups.

See our Rental Rates for Equipment

Please follow the policies below when renting equipment from us.

  • Equipment (other than keys or computer adapters - see below) rented from Event Services will be billed at a daily rate while out of the office Monday through Friday. 

  • Prior to picking up equipment, all clients must complete the  liability form which will be emailed to you with your estimate. 

  • For weekend events, equipment must be picked up Friday before 5pm and returned Monday by noon (12pm). Equipment will be billed at a daily rate for each day of the weekend as we are not open during weekends.

  • If equipment is not returned at the scheduled time, the client will be billed a minimum fee of $42.00.

  • Any lost or damaged equipment may incur a replacement fee.

A physical key is required to use any classroom equipment supported by Instructional Development (such as a lectern). A classroom login is needed to operate the computers in classroom lecterns. (Instructors may have access to a key and login for instructional purposes. These may not be used for events unless authorization has been granted by the Events Office.)

  • A login, media key, and computer adapter, can be picked up on the business day of your event before 5:00 PM from Kerr Hall 1160 (allot about 30 minutes to obtain these items from us). They must be returned the same day or by noon on the following business day. 

  • There is a key or adapter replacement fee of $126.00 for each item that is lost or damaged. It will be billed to your BARC or department account code.

Would You Like to Show a Movie?  Video Services maintains a large video library and can help you acquire a title you may be looking for. You may also check for the film at the following websites: SWANK Criterion

Reserving a Campus Space

  1. Fill out a Room Request form 
  • Log in with your UCSB NetID

  • Click the Events Tab 

  • Select Event Request

  • Select the appropriate option from drop down

  • Complete and submit the form

  1. Submit an Event Inquiry Form to The Events Office to request equipment and for an estimate of fees.

  2. Student Groups:

    1. Complete necessary SEAL requirements by filling out a 360 Form via Shoreline and attend a Minor Events Committee Meeting to inform the UCSB campus and support services about your event. During the school year, the committee meets every Wednesday from Noon-1pm.

    2.  contact the SEAL events team to verify that all necessary paperwork has been submitted.


Classroom Services Office Hours:  8-12, classroom support 7:30 - 7:00

Events Office hours - by appointment only

Tech Services hours- by appointment only

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