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TALES - Teaching and Learning Excellence Series

TALES is a series of live events and podcasts with stories about teaching and learning that inspire, motivate and ignite the imagination of both instructors and students. 

The Importance of Ignorance in Teaching for Learning

Jason Duque, Ph.D. (Education)
May 16, 2017
4-5pm, Girvetz 1004

The richest kind of learning comes from discovering things for ourselves, gaining ownership over our learning through wrestling first-hand with a field’s ideas and inquiries. If it’s so good, why is teaching for that kind of learning so hard? Through metaphor and story, this talk will describe this kind of learning as well as the source of our difficulties in achieving it. We will take aim at our own expertise, the very source of our professional and pedagogical status, and the curriculum and culture that celebrate it. A few disruptive practices will be starting points for fruitful discussion with the audience.

Analysis and Empathy: Helping Students Gain More Fully Rounded Understandings of Controversial Issues

Salim Yaqub, Ph.D. (History) 
May 22, 20173-4pm, HSSB 6020 - McCune Conference Room


How can we help students both feel from the inside and see from the outside? How can we empower them grasp, at one and the same time, not just the breadth of complex social and political issues but also the subjective experiences of individuals caught up in those issues? This talk uses a simulated class exercise on the Vietnam War--involving analysis, dramatization, empathetic reconstruction, and debate--to discuss and model strategies for encouraging students to think in such differing registers.

Spring Faculty Workshop: Teaching in the Present

Facilitators: Ailish  Riggs Darmody and Celia Alario
Tuesday, May 2, 12-1:30pm
Engineering Science Building 1001

Many of us, as experts in our field, feel fully confident about the content of our courses but feel ill prepared to “command a room” and engage our students from the podium. This workshop will address the physical and personal roadblocks that prevent us from effectively communicating our curriculum, providing practical tools to foster stage presence and create more energized and engaged presentation skills.