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Electronic Time Sheets

 Instructional Development Electronic Time Sheets

Instructional Development is currently in pilot phase with an interim electronic time sheet system while we prepare for the transition to Kronos.  During the pilot, only select areas of Instructional Development will be using the system.  Currently those areas are the Administrative Unit and Campbell Hall.  The url for students participating in the pilot is:


After a two week continuation of the pilot program, we will open up the system for all student employees of Instructional Development.

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Need replacement lecture ideas?

The recent natural disasters and road closures have made it difficult for many faculty to lead traditional, in-class lectures.  If you need an alternative, consider utilizing GauchoSpace and Zoom to put yourself and your lecture materials in front of your students.  We provide step-by-step instructions and videos for making the most of these innovative teaching technologies.

TA Development Program: Pedagogy Workshops for UCSB Graduate Students interested in honing their teaching skills and attending to the nuances of TAing sections.  Includes tips and tricks for better instruction, discovering your teacher identity, CCUT preparation assistance, and workshops for international TAs.  RSVP here

Check out our Resource Library.  We have a collection of over 400 books and guides on a variety of instructional topics.  Stop by Kerr Hall 1130 to browse our selection and check out items of interes!

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