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Instructional Development
Kerr Hall
Mail code: 3200
Administration, Rm 2130  
    Executive Director, George Michaels, 805-893-2378
    Director of Operations, Todd Gillespie, 805-893-8160
    Business Officer, Ruth Marquette, 805-893-8583 
    Payroll, Kathleen Magazino, 805-893-8506 
    Budget Assistant, Vacant, 805-893-2414 
    Systems & Network Administrator, Evan Hirata, 805-705-9940
    Fax Number 805-893-5895
Instructional Consultation, Rm 1130  
    Office Manager, TBD, 805-893-2972
    Senior Instructional Consultant, Lisa Berry, 805-893-8395
    Instructional Consultant, Mindy Colin, 805-893-2828
    Database Administrator, MaryLou Ramos, 805-893-3523 
    Evaluation System for Courses & Instruction, Aisha Wedlaw, 805-893-4278 
    Teaching Assistant Development Program, 805-893-2972 
    Teaching Assistant Videotaping and Consultation, tavideo@id.ucsb.edu  
    Fax Number 805-893-5915  
Classroom Services  
    Director of Operations, Todd Gillespie, Rm 2130D, 805-893-8160
    Media Equipment / Classroom Equipment Scheduling & Rental, Rm 1160, 805-893-3549 
    Buchanan Hall, 2950 Buchanan, 805-893-2332 
    Campbell Hall, 805-893-2461 
    Embarcadero Hall, 805-893-4990 
    Isla Vista Theaters, 805-893-4466 
    Digital Editing Lab, Rm 1126, 805-893-7420  
    Film/Video Ordering, Rm 1204, 805-893-3518
Production Services  
    Director of Operations, Todd Gillespie, Rm 2130D, 805-893-8160
    Artworks, Rm 1120, 805-893-3789 
    Photography, Rm 1120, 805-893-2448 
    Sound Recording, Rm 2110, 805-893-3257 
    Video Services, Rm 1204, 805-893-4345  
Technical Services
    Manager, Jim Gallagher, Rm 1160, 805-893-3549 

news & events


Need replacement lecture ideas?

The recent natural disasters and road closures have made it difficult for many faculty to lead traditional, in-class lectures.  If you need an alternative, consider utilizing GauchoSpace and Zoom to put yourself and your lecture materials in front of your students.  We provide step-by-step instructions and videos for making the most of these innovative teaching technologies.

TA Development Program: Pedagogy Workshops for UCSB Graduate Students interested in honing their teaching skills and attending to the nuances of TAing sections.  Includes tips and tricks for better instruction, discovering your teacher identity, CCUT preparation assistance, and workshops for international TAs.  RSVP here

Check out our Resource Library.  We have a collection of over 400 books and guides on a variety of instructional topics.  Stop by Kerr Hall 1130 to browse our selection and check out items of interes!

Subscribe to TALES: The Teaching and Learning Excellence Series podcast at TALES.id.ucsb.edu


Attendance at the annual TA Orientation is required for all new graduate student Teaching Assistants (TAs), and Readers who have a secured TAship or Readership, even if your first appointment is not until Winter or Spring Quarter.  There is no preregistration; attendance will be taken at the event. For further information please click here